Asbestos Lawsuits -- A Brief History

Brent Coon & Associates, a firm known for its commitment to victim’s rights, is proud to offer their must-see documentary, The History of Asbestos, available on the firm's new website,

The 28-minute film is the must-see for anyone affected by asbestos and brought to you by the attorneys at Brent Coon and Associates, who are dedicated to helping victims and their families. The History of Asbestos documentary is designed to show how asbestos stakeholders have profited at the expense of workers and the public in countries all over the world. It also provides information about asbestos, its health effects, and how victims can receive help. An easy-to-use onscreen tool allows visitors to e-mail US representatives to let them know where they stand on important legal issues, including asbestos.

Brent Coon & Associates has obtained over a hundred verdicts and thousands of settlements in a large range of personal injury and civil matter trial matters on the plaintiff’s side. The firm handles many asbestos-related disease cases including: asbestos-related pleural disease, pulmonary asbestosis, gastrointestinal cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

These disease processes are common among boilermakers, carpenters, electricians, insulators, laborers, machinists, millwrights, operators, painters, pipe fitters, sheet metal workers, mechanics, and other industrial and commercial workers. Indirect exposures by other crafts as well as exposure to family members in the household from workers’ contaminated clothing are risk factors as well. (The firm recently obtained a $5,000,000.00 verdict for a group of housewives exposed to contaminated clothing from their spouses.)

See the full documentary about tragedy of America’s workers and find out what you can do to protect the rights of all Americans by visiting

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